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WTP Bits (winning tongue plate bits) provide performance with superb control for you
and maximum comfort for your horse

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WTP BitsOlympic     Champion WTP bits Horse BitsMegan Jones gives WTP bits the big tick.

See what Megan said after the Adelaide Cross Country event ...

"Megan, was your heart in your mouth when you went out on the Adelaide cross country?"
"Not at all, I knew I could do the job. I changed to a WTP bit so I had control.
I had problems with the previous polo gag I had at the Mt.Gambier event; he kept champing on the bit and chewed a hole in his cheek, really bad, we've got to try to fix this, I said.
Then for the Reynella horse trials, I put him back in a Myler bit, which was awful, he still chewed on that and cut himself. Finally I used a WTP Bit - Winning Tongue Plate which disperses the bit pressure, the WTP works great. It is an amazing bit, I recommend other riders try it."

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WTP Bits:- for all riding disciplines including double bridles

We are not kidding when we say that these horse bits are the best option for you and your horse, whatever your riding discipline.

The Winning Tongue Plate Bit gives your horse the comfort and communication it deserves, here is the key...

WTP Bits

  • The design reduces bit pressure by 85%

  • The bit arms have limited movement to prevent outer ring pressure and pain to the cheek and lips

  • Joint and arms do not move downwards preventing pain to the roof, tongue and bars

  • 11mm low profile centre casing prevents roof cracking or rubbing, bit pinching


  • No more tongue or lip pinching

  • No more roof cracking or rubbing

  • No displacement of the soft palate

  • Encourages horse to leave tongue in mouth

  • Stops head shaking, pulling or bolting

  • Amazing soft and responsive bit contact

  • Stops horse leaning

wtp bits - full cheek snaffle WTP Bits - D Egg butt snaffle

more info to come, meanwhile contact us

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Contact us for more info

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Horse Bits

"it is like having power steering, horses love it"

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