How To Tie Up A Horse

The Safe Clip

The safe clip is the safe and easy way to tie up (clip up) your horse

It will also train your horse not to pull back

Ditch that bale twine which teaches horses to pull back and is inconvenient!

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also see how to use the tie up rope

The Safe Clip is the best way to tie your horse to a post, rail, tree, float or truck.

Training horses not to pull back.

Enjoy the flexibility and fantastic convenience of tying up anywhere with the Clip.

The Clip



the safe clip

safe clipthe safe clip

safe clip

The Tether Ring gives you flxibility.

Hang the Clip and tie up your horse where it suits you without having to use bale twine/hay band or have fixed rings

Safe Tether Ring

Horse Tie Up

SmartTie Clip

Tie Up Rope

Use this tie up rope with the Safe Clip. A 10mm or 12mm double braid nylon rope is required for the safe clip to perform; learn more and how to use the tie up rope

Safe Clip tie up rope

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Note:make sure you have a double braid nylon lead rope before ordering, if not, you will need to order the tie up rope.

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Safe Clip $39.90

Tether Ring $10

Tie Up Rope $15


Safe Clip and
Tether Ring $48.90

Complete Set $62.90
Safe Clip, Tether Ring and Rope

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