The Safe Clip™
How to Tie-Up A Horse Safely!

The Safe Clip™, available in Australia.
The best way to tie-up a horse to a post, rail, tree, float or truck. 

  • Never Use Baling Twine Again - when a horse breaks the baling twine, it teaches the horse that it can get free and so, the habit begins. The Safe Clip™ avoids this and will retrain your horse if the habit is already established.
  • Never Have Your Horse Untie Your Knot - the smart, playful horse can often work out how to undo your 'quick-release' rope knot. Problem solved with The Safe Clip™.
  • Teach Your Horse to Quit Pulling Back - the key to teaching a horse not to pull back, is safety for the horse, especially for its poll. Also, instantaneous positive reward, which is what The Safe Clip™ provides.
  • Increased Safety and Security - The Safe Clip™ is safe and secure for you and your horse and the handler. It eliminates many risks associated with tying up a horse.  

The safe, versatile, horse tie-up system, that also trains your horse!

Automatically train your horse to STOP pulling back whilst tied.

Enjoy the flexibility and fantastic convenience of The Safe Clip™. 

Watch This Short Demonstration

See how easy and versatile it is to use!

The Safe Clip™ provides the ultimate
tie-up safety, versatility
and training benefits!

These pictures show some of the options

the safe clip - horse tie up system

Tether Ring Flexibility

The Safe Clip™ allows you to tie up your horse anywhere with the Tether Ring accessory.

the safe clip - horse tie up and hay net system

Hay Nets and Water Buckets

You can fix the net and water bucket to elevate the feed and water when needed.

The Safe Clip - How To Tie A Horse

Ultimate Control

The Safe Clip™ has feather-control for the tension via the easy-to-use screw mechanism.

Why the Safe Clip was Invented

Play this video - the why and how to use the Safe Clip when tying your horse

The Tether Ring

The Tether Ring sets you up for ultimate portability.
Tie up anywhere when a fixed ring is not available.

The Safe Clip - Tether Ring

Excellent Portability: Tie-up to trees, posts, rails, stables, cross-ties, floats, trucks, anywhere!

Great for Hay Nets and Buckets: You will let your mind run with ideas and possibilities. 

Tether Ring Breaking Strain: Approx 700kgs, which may not be enough for a full, big horse, pull back. Use the Safe Clip and Tie-Up Rope only until your horse has stopped the habit of pulling back.

The Tie-Up Lead

the safe clip tie-up lead

There are so many lead ropes on the market, we cannot guarantee yours is the right type to get the smooth action that is best for The Safe Clip™.

Therefore, we offer a 3.5 metre long, 12mm thick double braid polyester. This tie-up lead works perfectly with the clip.

The lead does not have a headstall attachment clip. As you will see from the video below, a headstall attachment clip is unnecessary.

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$76.50 The Complete Set                     The Clip, Tie-Up Lead and Tether Ring.

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$51.50  The Safe Clip 

$15.00  Tie-Up Lead 

$10.00  Tether Ring


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This is where you learn how to use the horse Safe Clip tie up system. Compared to the blocker tie ring, or Clinton Andersons Tie Ring, often called the Aussie Tie Ring, The Safe Clip offers greater control with its feather-control screw. We believe this is the best of the horse tie up rings.