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MIRoTEC Snug Rug

Snug Rug

Now you can keep your horse warm with one MIRoTEC snug rug instead of two or more standard horse rugs!

mirotec horse rugs

Introducing the Space Blanket
'MIRoTEC Snug Rug' and 'Snug Neck Rug'

The MIRoTEC 'Snug Rug' and 'Snug Neck Rug' reflect the horse's own body heat back to itself.

Your horse will be warmer with one Snug Rug than it will ever be with several ordinary rugs.

Other benefits:-

  • Your horse will be more comfortable with less weight to carry around
  • Your horse's coat will improve as the Snug Rug and Snug Neck Rug stimulate the blood circulation
  • Your horse's lymphatic system will function better and aid in the recovery or prevention of muscle and tendon injury
  • You will save money as you need less rugs

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3 Key Benefits of Space Blanket Technology

  1. Body fluid and circulation stimulation, activation of the lymph function which are vital to health, well being and body movement functions, especially during exercise and for the coat of the horse

  2. Stimulation of the Nervous System which promotes relaxation and naturally improves muscle tone

  3. Immune System Stimulation provides great well being and health benefits as the immune reactions & antigen/antibody presentation are activated

Stimulation of these body functions will greatly improve your horse's health and wellbeing and; allow your horse's body to heal itself more efficiently if injured.

How to use the SnugRug:
Simply use the snug rug and optional neck wrap to keep your horse warm during winter. Or to warm your horse up and down, before and after riding.

If leaving the horse in a paddock, it is recommended that you place a protective rug over the snug rug to protect it from damage. However, the protective rug can be light weight and is not required to keep the horse warm.


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Click here to review the product range of MIRoTEC horse rugs and leg wraps.
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