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MIRoTEC Horse Bib

Bib/Shoulder Wrap

This is not an ordinary rug bib. The Bib/Shoulder Wrap provides all of the full effects of MIRoTEC heat reflective technology.

Bib/Shoulder Wrap provides full MIRoTEC technology in quilting / cotton lined / adjustable velcro / elastic chest / girth strap suitable for horses.

The Bib/Shoulder Wrap has amazing therapeutic benefits with fore quarter stimulation or site specific injury treatment for shoulder, wither, chest injuries / strains. It is also a useful aid to massage, chiropractic / aid recovery time. Pre-work to warm-up to help prevent ‘cold-start' strains and post-work warm down.

The Bib/Shoulder Wrap can be used by itself or in combination with other Mirotec products. Especially the snug rug when targeting the withers.

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Mirotec Neck Wrap


MIRoTEC Snug Neck Rug


Neck Wrap and Snug Neck Rug

The Neck Wrap compliments the Mirotec Treatment Rug; and the Snug Neck Rug compliments the Snug Rug.

The Neck Wrap is designed to target specific soreness or injury in the neck. It is also brilliant for crest necked horses. As a full MIRoTEC (heat reflective technology) wrap, it provides the full power required to target specific injuries. The Neck Wrap can also be used as a natural ‘sweat' for enhancing and refining necks.

The Snug Neck Rug is for more general maintenance and thermal requirements in winter. Hence, the Snug Neck Rug has MIRoTEC strips inserted in wadding rather than a full MIRoTEC wrap.

Both may be used without a rug but are easier to retain in place and more effective when with one of the MIRoTEC rugs. Both the Neck Wrap and Snug Neck Rug are quilted, lightweight yet provide superior heat retention.

Use the Neck Wrap for more specific treatment of site specific injury, pre-work warm-up and post-work warm-down . The Snug Neck Rug for general preventative maintenance and use in winter, pre-work and post-work.

Both are great for strained, sore necks, pre and post massage or chiropractic. Very effective on coats /crest neck. Generally, the Neck Wrap is used for more effective results with site specific injury.

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MIRoTEc Treatment Rug



MIRoTec Snug Rug










MIRoTec Snug Rug



Treatment Rug | SnugRug | TecRug

The Treatment Rug has the full effects of MIRoTEC heat reflective technology. It is used to treat specific injuries along the top line/back.


The Treatment Rug is 100% cotton Rip Stop with two unique adjustable position MIRoTEC panels.

The panels in the Treatment Rug suit specific treatment of the horse. The front panel target saddle muscle area. The back panel targets hindquarters and sacroiliac area.

The Treatment Rug natural treatment for muscle spasms (tying-up) / muscle strains, arthritis, sacro joints. Helps prevent injuries by warming up muscles before workout / ‘cold start' strains. Helps aid recovery after workout . Useful diagnostic aid and warm up for massage and chiropractic.

Read the MIRoTEC Treatment Rug brochure

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The SnugRug is a unique high-performance horse rug with a key difference to the Treatment Rug. Like the Snug Neck Rug, the SnugRug is for more general maintenance of the horse and thermal requirements in winter. Hence, the SnugRug has MIRoTEC strips inserted in wadding rather than the adjustable full MIRoTEC panels.

The TecRug is the sister rug to the SnugRug but has a different application. The TecRug has more outdoor toughness being constructed with Rip Stop. It is also designed without wadding so that it is slightly cooler for use in the warmer/humid States of Australia. Whereas...

The SnugRug was originally designed for stabled horses and/or very cold conditions. The SnugRug can be used successfully outside of the stable but it requires a light weight protective over-rug due to its quilted cotton structure. The inner lining is cotton with a large area of nylon to protect the horses shoulders. This means a protective bib to stop rubbing the shoulders bald is not required.

The TEcRug is designed to provide the same therapeutic benefits of the SnugRug but can be used as a paddock rug without a protective coat in dry conditions. In damp conditions, a lightweight waterproof rug over TecRug is required.

Both the SnugRug and TecRug are -

Light weight rugs with exceptional thermal capabilities that allow the horse to self-regulate its own body temperature with immeasurably more efficiency than other rugs.

Able to assist with treatment of current injuries, chiropractic treatment, massage or for coat improvement.

Designed to eliminate the need for multiple rugs just to keep the horse warm.

Stimulate blood flow and the lymph system.

More suited to stable conditions but can be used very successfully in the paddock under a lightweight protective outdoor rug.

Effective in reducing radiant heat loss in horses. The SnugRug is a natural way of keeping your horse warn and comfortable,.

Fantastic for older horses.

Very effective on ‘Show' coats / clipped horses (yearling preps)

For more warm climates with higher humidity, the TecRug (see below) may be a useful alternative.

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MIRoTEC Full Leg Wrap

The Full Leg and Hock Wraps provides the full effects of MIRoTEC heat reflective technology.

Made of canvas with sizes to suit ponies, horses.

• Boosts blood circulation to speed up natural healing process

• Pre-work to warm up / Aid recovery time / Help reduce swelling

• Treats tendon injuries, shin soreness, concussion and arthritic joints

• Promotes skin growth over cuts. Use once bleeding has ceased and cut has sealed.

• Full Leg Wraps sold as a pair

• Hock Wraps sold as a pair

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MIRoTEC Foal Rug Survival Kit

The Foal Survival Kit provides the full effects of MIRoTEC heat reflective technology.

Learn more about the foal survival kit

The Kit Includes -

• Canvas / Adjustable

• Rug & Under-Rug

• 4 Leg Wraps

MIRoTEC Foal Survival Kit
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Overview -

• First aid kit item, premature/ compromised foals / prevent / treat hypothermia

• Reduce radiant heat loss, aiding recovery from trauma or injury

• Lightweight, thermal rug / excellent for studs that breed all seasons

• Full support from Stud Managers and Resident Vets

Learn more about the foal survival kit

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