Does your horse need a rug?
Yes, if your horse lives in an unnatural environment, which means unable to roam freely in the wild and/or if you groom your horse. Your horse needs a rug to compensate for the fact that the natural oils, dirt, natural shelter selection, which keep him warm in the wild, are removed each time you either curry, vacuum, clip and/or prevent access to his choice of wild environment.

What is Mirotec?
Utilising 'space blanket' technology, Mirotec simply reflects the body's own heat (infra-red radiation) to increase blood circulation, which aids the recovery of injury and can also be an effective part of warm-up and recovery routines. Click here for more description on how Mirotec works.

How long should I leave Mirotec on for?
We and animals are different and will react differently to the products used. For animals, we recommend that you begin using Mirotec when you are going to be around the animal for a couple of hours. The reason for use will also be important as you would probably use the products differently for warm-up purposes than you would to treat a specific problem. For warm-up purposes you can use the product for as little as 15-20 minutes. To treat specific injuries, the longer you can leave the product on, the better (as long as there is no excessive sweating taking place).

When treating a new injury, Mirotec should only be applied after 36 hours where there is no bleeding or internal bruising.

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What results should I expect?
Your aim is to promote healing by raising the tissue temperature by 2-3 degrees, for a specific time. This should not cause heavy sweating, but if this does happen, apply for short periods only. You may notice that your animal will become more relaxed when wearing Mirotec products, particularly if they have an injury or are suffering from muscle fatigue after exercise. You may notice a small sweat spot appear, and this could indicate that there is more heat in that particular area than other parts of the animal. If after using Mirotec wraps swelling increases, discontinue use and seek professional advice.

Will my horse overheat?
Following the directions for use and monitoring the effects, there should be no reason for your animal to overheat. Mirotec is micro-perforated to allow it to breathe, to prevent overheating. Weather conditions do play a part in the amount of body heat, so we would suggest that you use the product differently in the summer compared to the winter.

How do I wash it?
Mirotec products should be hand-washed, or sponge-wiped to keep clean. If particularly dirty they can be gently machine washed on a cold cycle only. DO NOT SPIN DRY. Hang up to dry only. Treatment Rug for horses has removable panels of Mirotec so that once they are removed and hand washed, the rug can be machined washed.

What happens if I leave it on too long?
You will have noticed heavy sweating or moisture between the skin and the Mirotec product. Apply Mirotec for shorter periods. You may find that you / your horse will only sweat up for the first couple of times you use Mirotec, and then may not sweat up after use for the same amount of time on future occasions.

What sort of problems does Mirotec work with?
If your animal's condition / injury / recovery will be helped by increased blood circulation, then Mirotec can help, as it has proven to substantially reduce healing time from cases where animals are relying on nature's cure...time only. If you are currently undergoing other treatments then seek professional advice.

Is it safe to use outdoors?
When you begin to use Mirotec products we recommend using them indoors / in the stable. This allows you to monitor the effect that Mirotec has on you / your animal. We now have an outdoor cover available for the quilted SnugRug – a lightweight, waterproof outdoor cover in Mirotec colours. Using a waterproof cover reduces effectiveness by reducing the breathability, but makes a SnugRug suitable for outdoor use in all weathers.

All other Mirotec products can be worn outside, however you / your animal should avoid coming into direct sunlight for long periods of time whilst wearing Mirotec.

Can you travel horses with Mirotec on?
This will come down to personal preference. If you have a horse that gets excited or hot when travelling, then Mirotec products are best applied once you reach your destination. However, we have had people report that - by using Mirotec products on long journeys, they have helped their horse arrive at their destination less fatigued, more alert and quicker able to recover from the journey. For horses travelling on long journeys Mirotec can certainly help, but we would recommend that you and your horse are familiar with the products before using them in this way.

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Can you use Mirotec rugs underneath other rugs?
Mirotec works best when it is able to breathe, which is why we have chosen outer materials that can breathe effectively. When you layer other rugs over the top of Mirotec, this process cannot work properly. Mirotec is equivalent to three conventional rugs and works so well that you will be able to do away with all of the heavy, bulky quilted rugs, In fact we guarantee that a SnugRug is the warmest rug your horse will ever wear.

This means you can:

Some of Australia's leading show riders have been able to keep their horses in peak show coat by cutting down on rugs. Mirotec SnugRug is lightweight, (weighs just over 2kg) warm, smart and very comfortable - perfect for stabled / clipped horses.

SnugRug has been used to prepare yearlings for sales, with excellent coats. Although the SnugRug was designed as a stable rug, we have positive feedback from people who use SnugRugs underneath a light canvas rug, for extra warmth in colder climates. In these cases, horses tend not to grow such a dense winter coat, which means that clipping may not be necessary. Results will vary on each individual case and how you use the products will come down to your own judgement, once you have become familiar with how effective Mirotec products are, compared with conventional - non reflective rugs.

My horse will not like the rustling sound it makes?
If you take care when introducing Mirotec to your horse, you should not have any cause for concern. Be sure to let them have a look and a smell before you put it on and do this slowly and gently without fuss. We have not heard reports of horses that would not accept Mirotec products, although we have been told of a couple who were wary at first. By the second or third time were quite accepting and confident. Most horses will be noticeably more relaxed when they are wearing Mirotec products.

Will Mirotec replace my masseur, chiropractor, acupuncture etc?
Mirotec is designed to compliment other types of treatments and natural remedies, not necessarily replace them. Mirotec works exceptionally well when used before, after or during massage. Mirotec can be helping your horse warm-up or recover naturally in-between visits from your masseur, chiropractor / practitioner.

Are Mirotec products water proof?
No, at best some products are shower proof but we recommend that you use a light weight water proof over rug if exposed to damp weather conditions.

How to measure up for a Mirotec rug
The measurement should be taken from the centre of the chest, around the shoulder and along the side of the horse in a continuous straight line to the point level with the top of the tail or where the rug is to finish. Measure inches, not centimetres. HorseRugs are sized at 3-inch intervals.

mirotec rug measuring

Belly straps don't secure the rug to the horse the way a girth secures a saddle to the horse's back. The two diagonal belly straps equalize the weight of the rug over the horse's back, to prevent displacement by wind or activity. Tighten belly straps with at least a hand's width fitting comfortably between the horse's belly and the straps, tight enough to prevent getting a hoof caught when the horse plays or rolls.

Leg straps should not be so tight as to cause friction nor placed dangerously low near the hocks. We recommend looping around each other between the legs and snapping back on the same side, not diagonally crossing. Tests show this helps avoid rubbing.


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Click here to review the product range of MIRoTEC horse rugs and leg wraps.
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