Horse Float and
Horse Truck Loading

Horse training first time loaders or problem horses.

We teach you and your horse!

The video is a quick snapshot of what you and your horse can learn and your training options. This training is highly successful and unsurpassed in the horse training industry.

  • Your horse's resistant behaviour will melt away
  • Your horse will become polite and cooperative
  • You will learn what to do so you can maintain consistency

Sharpening Your Skills: As a matter of necessity and no doubt your own desire, your skills will be sharpened immensely, so that you are confident and competent. Here is a 'live' snippet after 2 hrs of training, Norm is helping Charlize to hone her skills.

Here are a few examples of horses who needed the help of someone who could give them the confidence to load.

Nice Party-Trick

Margaret often did not get where she needed to go or was very late. After the training, Margaret's new skills have enabled her to maintain her horse's 'willingness'. Margaret got to show off her dancing skills too.

Aren't Horse Trucks Fool Proof?

We hear it all the time, "if your horse won't float, get a truck or angle load". But alas, Forest is proof that it is a myth. It is also a myth for angle load floats. One and a half hours later, Montana has great 'trucking horse'. 'Lol'.

The Pull-Back King

The horse didn't seem to display much here as the owner Jacqui was doing her best to do the right thing and not cause the pull-back. However, pulling-back is very common and a very difficult issue for most owners. Knowing what to do in the situation and handle with precision is vital. Anyway, Jacqui is now very confident and so is her horse.

Reluctant Loader Transformed

Aria, the horse, doesn't look too resistant in the video but the fact is, she had her refusal tricks 'down pat'. Naturally, Alison, her owner, did not want to damage the relationship but she needed to transport Aria. So, Norm was called in to solve the problem. Both Alison and Aria now have the confidence to get the job done. A great relief for Alison.

Fun with Float Loading Training

Norm likes to be the 'lazy but precise' horseman. This type of fun not only sharpens up your horse but it tests and sharpens your skills too. Poor Brandy was such an anxious loader. Working at Liberty is not essential but if the opportunity arises, it really helps the horse.

Horse Training Video Set - Float Loading

Teach yourself with video training with the 3 DVD's plus 1 on-line bonus. Once you have studied the DVD's and if during the training, you get stuck or have questions, you can always phone or email Norm for advice. "We are here for you!" For more info, follow this link to the Horse Training - Float Loading Training Videos

A horse that is led on does not prove confidence or competence.

For your horse to walk on by itself, there are some principles that you need to understand and apply.

This enables you to be a true leader for the horse, someone that your horse will respect.

In doing so, BOTH you and your horse, become confident and competent.

16 Horse Loading Problems
You Can Learn to Handle!

Your horse needs YOU to be effective and the leader!

For your horse to walk on by itself, there are some requirements that you need to understand and apply. 

In doing so, both you and your horse become confident and competent.

This enables you to be a true leader for the horse, someone that your horse will respect and cooperate with.

  • You must know what behaviour a horse can exhibit to resist or what other problems it could have.

  • You must know what the best and effective response should be.

  • You need to apply your response with correct timing and precision.

  1. Refusing to move
  2. Backing away from the trailer
  3. Rearing
  4. Biting
  5. Kicking
  6. High anxiety
  7. Barging Through You
  8. Turning to the Right
  9. Turning to the Left
  10. Backing around the side of the ramp or trailer
  11. Throwing head up into roof of trailer
  12. Laying down outside trailer
  13. Turning around in trailer
  14. Refusing to come out of trailer
  15. Scrambling in the trailer
  16. Jumping over front chest rail
  17. There may be others, if you have something to add, please email us

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