This clinic provides skills for creating the desired response from your horse

confidently, safely and quickly.


  • You will be amazed out how fast you can gain control of your horse without creating fear. Your horse will have a shift in attitude and decide to follow you more willingly.

  • You will learn how horses communicate with each other and how to reflect back that communication system to gain cooperation.

  • Your confidence will soar as you will learn what to do and how to position yourself with your horse to control unwanted or unexpected behaviour.

  • You will learn to make decisions before you are with your horse so that you can deliver clear and precise messages.

At the clinic, you will discover the importance of C.I.P. and
OOI's" will have a whole new meaning in your life.

You can learn more about ground control on my ground control page but for a start, two of the exercises you will learn at this clinic are discussed in this video clip:-


Booking Details and Conditions:-

  • Open to combinations being one horse and handler; also spectators.

  • Limited spaces available for combinations, first in first served applies.

  • $300 per combination is payable upon booking. Note that a $150 cancellation fee applies until 7 days prior to the clinic, then the full fee is non-refundable regardless of your circumstances. Fees are refunded only if the clinic is cancelled by clinic management.

  • $85 per spectator per day, payable in cash only upon arrival at the clinic, no need to pre book.

  • Wear suitable clothing. Clinic continues through all weather conditions expect electrical storms or hail.

  • Combinations are required to have correct equipment. Look at the the equipment requirements below.

  • Toilet and water available at venue, horse holding yards are not available. BYO pens or portable yards.

  • BYO lunch, tea and coffee available, BYO other drinks (tap water available). Evening meals are best at the local pub or BYO food, BBQ facility available.

  • Showers not available, BYO camping gear. Power not generally available. One power point is available for shared casual use.

  • Poop must be collected and deposited in designated area before departing.

  • Feed and personal rubbish must be removed from the venue when departing.

  • Venue is at 7 Greenvale Drive Gisborne Vic Get Map

  • A waiver of liability must be competed by all combinations and spectators before participation.

  • Proceeding to book and/or attendance at the clinic means you accept the above terms

Proceed to book and make payment

Send an email ( copy this email address - ) with:-

your name, contact phone refer to March Clinic

We will email back payment instructions

Combinations (horse and rider) only, spectators pay cash on day


If you have questions, please contact us


Equipment Requirements

  • Dressage whip (110cm approx) - "OMG you mean you can use a whip in natural horsemanship?" Yes,it is just an extension of your arm, not a weapon. Used in the correct manner it is a very hand tool. It is also light and easy to control.
  • Gloves - roping or riggers gloves preferred over riding gloves
  • Rope head stall and 3 metre (approx) lead rope (yacht braid style)
  • Bridle and snaffle bit, preferably full cheek snaffle.
  • Horse leg protection such as sports medicine boots are recommended
  • And... your usual riding gear including helmet

Check out my equipment page for more details of the equipment items