Discover The 3 'Magic' Groundwork Exercises for Horses

Amaze yourself with how quickly you can make a difference to you and your horse.
It is like 'Magic' !

Don't be fooled by what you see in this short video clip.

The video shows some students in their first attempts at the exercises, so not yet perfected. However, 'magical' changes are already occurring.

The potency of what is occurring will not be obvious to the untrained eye.

The precise details of these exercises are unique and have simplified horse training.

Simple, safe, precise and highly effective!

Only two of the 3 'Magic' exercises are shown here for safety reasons. 

To make changes quickly in you and your horse,
you will start with these 3 'Magic' Exercises

Within 20 minutes, major changes commence to emerge, it is like 'Magic'.
Not only will you be able to handle your horse safely, confidently and competently,
you will be able to train any horse!


Move Over

Wow, Wow, Wow! We never cease to be amazed at how this seemingly simple groundwork exercise, yields so much meaning with outstanding benefits to you and your horse. Perfect for correcting pushy, unresponsive behaviour, horses that won't stand still. When washing or grooming your horse. For the farrier, vet, dentist. Around the stables, when saddling, etc. Your horse will quickly learn to respond to you and the respect and responsiveness will grow substantially.


The Dance

There are three main components of this exercise to perform if you choose. Go Forward, Go Back and Shoulder Control. It depends on what level you want to achieve. Regardless, the base level by itself of 'Go Forward' will transform you and your horse. Horses are closely held in-hand to provide optimum safety, precision and finesse. Your competency as a horseman (gender neutral) will absolutely soar. Your horse will not only reform its behaviour, the Dance also develops the body of the horse for suppleness and strength through its back. The changes will be sensational, even 'Magic' !



OMG, this is so much fun. At first glance it looks like 'Lunging' but it is not. For many horse owners, they will be shocked at how much has been missing from their partnerships' knowledge of how to work together. This is what we call 'emotional horse training' and it develops the horse's 'calm down' responses, concentration, transitions and softness both on the ground and when ridden. It also helps the owner to become coordinated and precise in their handling. The advanced stages can be used for exercise and developing bravery and responsiveness but definitely not 'brain-deadening' circles.

There is more to do if you want.
It depends on what you want to achieve.

Here is a snap shot of various groundwork exercises.

Ground work exercises with About Australia Horsemanship and Norm Glenn
Ground work exercises with About Australia Horsemanship and Norm Glenn
Ground work exercises with About Australia Horsemanship and Norm Glenn
Ground work exercises with About Australia Horsemanship and Norm Glenn
Ground work exercises with About Australia Horsemanship and Norm Glenn
Ground work exercises with About Australia Horsemanship

Learning how to have your horse respond to your requests, is the key to safety on the ground and preparing to ride.

Meaningful, safe, ground work exercises, through good horsemanship or natural horsemanship, develop a cooperative, polite attitude from your horse.

Ground work should be transferrable or replicated, when riding and that is the way we do it.

By doing so, it establishes consistency in your communication and helps your horse to quickly understand what you are asking both on the ground and when you ride.

More about Ground Work Exercises

These 3 exercises are so powerful and empowering, that they can upgrade your horsemanship skills and change your horse life, very quickly.

Is 20 to 30 minutes fast enough for you?  That's how fast great big changes can happen.

Then, at the end of the first two hours of training, we are sure you will be like the many before you, delighted and amazed, as if it is 'magic'.

The magic 3 are designed to be used constantly in everyday handling and other situationsFor example, you can see these exercises being used to great advantage in everyday handling, whilst float loading or when with the farrier or vet or in a stressful situation etc.

The 3 'Magic' Exercises are like the Scales of Music 

You will practice the exercises until such time as you are confident and competent at performing the exercises.

This is like practicing the scales of music. Once you can confidently and competently play the scales of music, you can play any piece of music. So, it is with these ground work exercises.

Once competent and confident, you will be able to : -

  • Keep yourself safe
  • Handle any horse proficiently
  • Have a horse respond cooperatively
  • Define each step of each exercise

Your horsemanship skills will soar as you gain confidence and competency with the ground work exercises; and even more so once you perfect them. 

Many times, riders are taught the science of riding but nothing about controlling the emotional side of the horse, either in the saddle or from the ground.

Ground work is the prerequisite to tapping into the emotional part of the horse!


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