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We tell these stories by women to inspire others, as many women believe they could not possibly solve their own float loading horse problem.

However, when the techniques are applied as shown on the On-Line Horse Loading Video Series, success is available to all.

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Your horse problems can disappear!

Dedicated to women: Here are more stories dedicated to women who have used the horse loading Video Series to retrain their horses

Jan, Roseberry Creek NSW  - Step Up Trailer "Hi Norm,  wanted to let you know the loading was a success for the weekend. Saturday morning there was a couple of hesitations on the way to the float, then a 15 second think and on she went, I think she was a little surprised herself.  Today, after riding lessons she just marched straight in and then quietly out at the other end. She banged and barked her forehead on something, so I went in to see what it might be and she followed me back in without being asked ( I didn’t hassle her out as I was pleased she was happy to go back in).  I will continue to work on the waiting and standing on her own in the float. I am standing on the ground outside and asking her to step up. Once she does that, I go in and sort out the tying arrangements etc. So, I am very happy I found you and really appreciate the on-line video training. it really got me out of trouble and I love that it works!! Thank you very much once again, cheers Jan."

Claudia, Whittlesea Vic  "The Video's are fantastic. Norm explains eveything so clearly. The float training went well, all good now. Many thanks!"

Allison, Nowra Hill NSW   Hi Norm, The Video's were so helpful. Within two hours of using your technique both horses were loading and unloading successfully. During the past six months,  I hadn’t been consistent and both horses were refusing to get on the float. After watching your dvds and using the techniques they are fantastic. Many many thanks. I couldn’t believe how quickly they responded to be honest. I am so happy and relieved!!"

Angela, Northbridge NSW   “Hi Norm, We just love your Video Series and the wonderful instruction. It has been a great help and yes Monty loaded very well after some training. He has now gone to Yass and I floated a horse back to Sydney from Nyngan out near Bourke and all went very well. So thanks for your valuable advice.”

Lauren, Sarsfield Vic  “Hi Norm, Your Video's are fantastic, thank you! My daughter and I have one of our young horses floating now very excited about that.”  

Margi – Geraldton WA   “Hi Norm, Really like your approach and your infinite patience. A fantastic demonstration of the quiet persistence needed, along with the importance of the basic "walk on" command, I like the ‘CIP' acronym too. It is exactly what is required when doing anything with horses. So when we finally had a cool weekend, I hooked up the float and trained two of my horses to walk on, wait, and back out quietly. Now they will each walk up there and stand still until I ask them out. I even put them both in together. I actually split the training over two days - as I was getting tired and could feel that my patience was wearing thin, I just got each one to the stage where they would walk on and then off quietly and left it at that. The next day I carried on and had them standing there for some time before asking them out again, and also rocking the float, closing the ramp and driving a short distance. I think this had two important effects: (1) I didn't run out of patience or persistence and (2) the horses seemed to absorb the lesson from the first day and pretty much just carry on the next day as if there'd been no break at all, and in fact they too seemed to benefit from the break. I actually use this "break" when training (riding) - anyway, now I feel confident that by using your quiet and persistent methods I can train any horse to float, and hopefully keep stress levels to an absolute minimum for all concerned! So thank you for sharing your knowledge! Kind regards, Margi.”  

Kim, Mackay Qld  “Hi Norm, I purchased your horse loading Video Series and have watched the first series and a half. Even after just watching that amount I decided to try my big thoroughbred mare, and to my complete shock she went pretty much straight on. She has been refusing to float for the past few attempts; however I think she can feel my confidence and patience now. And I must have her fooled that I know what I'm doing! She now stands patiently in there, and I could even go and have lunch if I liked and she'd still stand in there with no hesitations. Thanks, Kim  

Shauna – Wyong NSW   “Good afternoon Norm, I have watched all three Float Loading Video Series and the gaps in training my horse have been filled by your thorough explanation and demonstrations. Thank you for the opportunity to gain further knowledge. As a mature person who travels alone, competes alone, does it all alone, identifying what was going wrong has now been explained. Once again gratitude and thanks, Shauna”  

Jewel, Arakoon NSW  "I would like to congratulate Norm for his informative Horse Loading Video Series. After purchasing a brand new horse float late last year, I found issues with my Mare staying in the float once loaded. She had apparently been ok with previous owner. I have had Chelsea for nearly 12 months and had only floated her on one occasion. After a month of "near torture" and endless hours on the internet, I come across your website. Upon watching the DVD'S over a few days, I was ready to fine tune techniques I had been previously practising. Within half an hour of time with Chelsea, I can proudly and happily advise I have a brand new girl! Since this momentous occasion, we have been in the float at least 3 times per week and she is happy to load and wait until I advise to retreat from float to and from destinations. Thank You Norm for sharing your experience with fellow horse lovers. Very Much Appreciated."


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