Horsemanship Training

Chelsea - Float Loading Success - Good afternoon Norm, I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. You are absolutely amazing. You’re calm kind and simple approach to float training is on point. Thank you so much for helping and training Kuri and I together to load happily. Today we went on a small adventure and it was relaxing with kuri going on within a few quiet minutes 🌟.  Massive , thank you to you, I’d highly recommend you. Kind regards, Chels and Kuri

Bobbigirl08 - Horse Problem and Riding Confidence - Where do I start. I was having great difficulties with my Standardbred during riding. He was either wanting to take off, or he would have a habit of throwing me off balance ALL THE TIME. Not owning a horse since I was 14 and only just getting back in to it all again last year, my confidence was starting to drop. I love my boy but was finding it difficult to communicate with him. In comes Norm Glenn, Very Happy, a saviour in my eyes.

Norm spent 2 hours (yes only 2 hours) with myself and my beautiful horse and has completely changed the relationship between my baby and I. I am now the one in control and for a horse that I could not even get to lunge, he is now lunging whilst going over jumps, Shocked. He is also now being ridden in a rope halter and 10ft rope only. I honestly can not believe how wonderful he is. I have also managed to train him to shake hands on command. I am not in to the whole show thing, he is solely for pleasure and oh what a pleasure he has become. We have both been re-born. 

Thanks Norm, you are a man from the heavens, LOL!

L. Boyd - Clinic Result - I have been practicing your techniques taught at the clinic with much success - so much so, Tyson took  part in a photo shoot at Silvers Circus without any incident. Although he clearly did not want to walk up a black, shiny, slippery, hollow sounding ramp - up onto a stage with lights and an audience - he trusted me enough to do so. So thanks for coping with the heat to teach us at the clinic - and just in case you wonder if it is worth it - I'm here to tell you, your teachings can be life changing!

C. Cathay - Very Difficult Horse to Load - I would like to personally thank you for all your efforts and assistance in training our horse Dexter to load on the float. As you are quite aware it was a challenge and I can now safely say how good the horse is to load and how you have given my grand daughter Kaili all the confidence to load the horse herself and in general handling also. I will certainly recommend you to people and I can say it was money well worth spent.

J. Walker – Forward Movement and Handling Confidence Problem - I attended a horsemanship clinic with Norm and found it fantastic. It helped me to understand more deeply how the horse thinks and how to improve the horses responses. My horse was a bit of a slug to move but Norm showed me how to encourage the forward movement and now he is very responsive. I was also very nervous and unsure around horses and the clinic helped me enormously.

C. Reinhard - Float Scrambling - Dear Norm, a few months ago I contacted you about horse trailer mats for my daughter's horse who was not loading and was scrambling once in the trailer. You advised me on how to load him, i.e. so that he walks on by himself, rocking the trailer, taking out the centre divider, etc.

While I initially thought that this was an impossible task, I was desperate enough to give anything a try. After a number of days just loading him on and off the way you suggested, he was loading better but still a bit nervous. We then did the same while with the 4 wheel-drive running and at first he just shook all over. Later we progressed to moving a few metres and then one day made a short trip going only 20kmh the whole way but he stood quite still the entire journey!

We have since made a number of trips and even trucked him together with other horses without the centre divider and although we still travel carefully around corners we can now travel at ‘normal' speed!! It's like a miracle and I just want to thank you do much for the time you took to answer my many silly questions and encourage me to try your method – I thought we'd never be able to truck him safely again and now he walks on like a baby and travels like a dream!

S. Moses – Biting, Striking Out and Other Unwanted Behaviour - Hi Norm, thanks for you help recently. The young horse is going really well now, behaving, leading well etc and is not biting any more. I now have the confidence to do more with him. When feeding him I clip the lead rope on, give him a brush, throw the lead rope over his back etc and no longer have a fight on my hands.

B. Katranski – Patience and Guidance - Thank you Norm, your one day horse handling clinic was a day enjoyed by all. Your patience and guidance with the younger participants in particular, who normally would struggle with a full day clinic, was excellent.

H. Jackson – It Still Works - Norm, I promised I would write this for you about 12 months ago. Better late than never! About 18 months ago, we bought a lovely little mare called Coco for my daughter. She was very sweet until it came time to load her in the float. After trying unsuccessfully for a number of hours (and nearly breaking my finger) to get the pony in the float, I gave up and rang Norm. I must admit that I wasn't very confident that he would get her in the float. I didn't know a great deal about 'Natural Horsemanship'. I thought that the whole thing would be a bit too 'Sugar and Spice and all things nice'. Boy was I wrong. Norm was amazing! He received complete respect and attention from our mare by being firm, very calm and extremely patient. Norm was also very patient with me, explaining what he was doing and why, along the way. I now have a lovely little mare who walks straight into the float every time. The whole floating experience is now very calm, hassle free and most importantly, SAFE. I recently bought myself a horse, who had not been floated for a very long time and was a little rusty. I used the same methods that Norm taught me and within 40 minutes, my horse was loaded. I float him regularly and although my horse is still a little nervous about the float, I can load him on my own and not have to worry about my safety. I cannot thank Norm enough for the help he has given me.

M. Hughes – Float Loading Problem - Norm - I said that I would be more than happy to promote your expertise if your float loading work with me and my two mares was successful. Thus, I assure you that this is an unsolicited testimonial you can use for your web site. I am happy to 'sign' my name to my words.

".... when I found Norm Glenn to help me with float loading, I had reached quite some depths of despair, frustration, disappointment and loss of confidence. When Norm assured me that he would be able to help me have my horses load willingly and calmly, while I sat on the mudguard of my float, I was almost convinced. Norm had not met me, he did not know my horses and he lived quite some distance away.

Norm arrived on a most blustery day, with snow in the air and with all the distractions that would make most float shy horses head to the other end of the paddock. Nevertheless, he was true to his word. After his work with both horses and then with me, they were indeed loading calmly, compliantly and successfully.

The words of praise from others on Norm's web site were indeed justified by my own success. Both of my Arab mares had become float shy and resistant to me as much as to the float. Now, they have each had several rides in the float and have loaded and unloaded nicely.

Norm gave me the insights, strategies and confidence I needed but which I had previously lost in my repeated failures. I am delighted to recommend Norm Glenn for his understanding of and patience with humans and horses alike!

L. Laughton – Horse Lacking Attention and Hard To Catch - Norm’s horsemanship clinic was fantastic to help improve confidence in both the horse and rider. Norm was great in helping any problems and understanding between horse and rider. I also have had private lessons with Norm to help with my horse who had the attention span of a flea and was hard to catch. Norm showed me how to use the round pen and did a great job in helping the horse to focus. He is also now easy to catch. 

C. Sleeman – Float Loading Problem - Dear Norm, I don't now if you remember me but you came down to Werribee and trained my quarter horse gelding Sebastian, about 6 months ago. He would get on the float but just barge right back out again in a second. I am emailing you to say that he is now a dream to take out. There is no stress about how long he will take to get in the float as he now wants to load! I can now float a friend’s horse with him. He walks on as I throw the lead over his back and shut the back door by myself. Meanwhile, my friend ties him up and he doesn't move, even if the other horse mucks around a bit! He still tries to bump the ramp a bit when he knows he is home but that is nothing compared to what he used to be like. When we arrive at Shows, we lower the ramp and then have to ASK him to come off instead of him charging out. We have to ask him to back out by peeking around the side door and giving him the OK. He doesn't want to come out unless we ask him, which is much better than not wanting to get in!!! I am testing him out this weekend as he is going in a different float than he is used to (he has his favorite). I am sure, with the confidence we both have gained from your float training, even if he gives me trouble, I can handle it calmly and safely! Thank you so much for your help. I will continue having fun competing ( we have pony club and 2 ODE in the next 3 weeks!!!) thanks to you.

I. Kisonas – Float Loading Problem - Floating our horse was getting more and more difficult. It was taking us hours. Advice was given from many well meaning "experts" but the horse was beginning to develop seriously bad associations. We got to the point of dreading the use of the float, but we needed to use it regularly. Stress levels were high. Norm Glenn was introduced to us through our Pony Club. We had witnessed his expertise at the club and he certainly helped us. He not only taught Gracie to walk on alone and stand on any float patiently, but he did this in a matter of hours. We gained confidence and a huge sense of relief. We are enjoying our trips and excursions, as is Gracie. Thank you Norm.

C. Ellis – Trail Riding and Float Loading Problems 

I have had occasion to have Norm’s help with an erratic trail riding horse, who would bolt and buck and constantly lash out while on a ride with other horses. Norm’s methods have had such an impact on my horse, that he is calm and a pleasure to ride in any circumstance. I have also had two horses over the past few years with floating troubles. Both became scared (on separate occasions) about being on floats and thus both were extremely difficult to load. Once in the float one would climb walls and the other would nearly kick the back of the tailgate out. Norm used his knowledge and skill of Natural Horsemanship too not only to help my horses to load (without me even entering the float) but to be calm in all circumstances. This has been proven when they have stayed calm when other horses have gone down or become frenzied in the float alongside them. I often get people asking me how I can load my horse when I point him at the float without having to lead him on, as they are amazed at the sight of the horse loading himself. I would not hesitate to ask for Norm’s help whenever I felt I have a problem or a question about my horse’s behaviour. I have also witnessed his enduring patience with his own horse and his perseverance and belief in the Natural Horsemanship methods he uses.

V. Ruschin – Impetuous Behaviour, Riding and Float Problems - I had a major floating problem with my horse Seerah. He fell over in the float, I believe he actually had a fit of some kind which caused his fall. Next time I tried to float him, he began to scramble on the float as soon as he got on and the breaching gate was closed. He scrambled and got his rump stuck under breach gate. Once the breach gate was reopened, he fell out of the float and rolled out onto a low fence and smashed it. After this second instance Seerah would not go anywhere near the float, let alone get on it. I had two other people try to get Seerah trained to back onto the float. One took two days and did not succeed. All had failed and I thought I would never get Seerah to float again. Fortunately, I found out about Norm Glenn and asked him if he could help. After two hours Norm had him retrained. Seerah now walks on himself and stands quietly in the float. Norm’s training has been an amazing experience and I am so grateful for his expertise and help. Additionally, I have riding behaviour problems. When the float loading was fixed, I asked Norm to help me with the riding problems as the horse was rather impetuous both on the ground and in the saddle. Norm’s wisdom and caring training style has also created big changes in my ability to handle the horse on the ground and in the saddle. The results have been fantastic!

M. & T. Johnson – Parents with Float Loading Problem - Our child’s horse presented a big problem when float loading. With time he became more and more difficult to load, to the point of breaking lead ropes and the breeching gate. Even if he was finally successfully loaded, we were then faced with the difficulty of him charging out backward when being unloaded. We asked around for help and a friend referred us to Norm. We found Norm’s training to be excellent and were delighted with the results. We have no more floating problems; the horse is a delight to load and unload. We have also used the skills Norm taught us with our other horses with the same success. We would recommend Norm to anyone.

R. McKendry – Float Loading Problem - I had a problem with floating my horse. Whenever I tried to load him, he would barge out of the float backwards before he could be secured. He also did this when unloading. This was annoying and also dangerous for anyone lowering the tailgate. I had a friend who recommended Norm to me as he had helped her horse with other problems in the past. Norm was able to show me how to get my horse to walk onto the float by himself and remain there (untied!) until he was asked to come out again. I was very impressed with his gentle yet effective training method and the way he was able to explain it to me. I would recommend Norm to anyone.

L. Simpson – Ex-Race Horse Float Loading Problem - I have an eight year old ex-race horse that had never been floated without an anti - rearing bit and found when I bought him that he would not go near the float for me. In fact he would go one hundred miles an hour backwards away from it until he hit a fence or tree. He would also do this reversing whenever he did not wish to be led. I have two young children and was very worried that they would get hurt one day. I was at wits end and then saw an advertisement for 'floating difficulties’ I made the call and within a couple of days Norm came and fixed the problem. My horse Hubert had not learnt to lead correctly and knew he was larger than I. Norm explained everything he did and it was a lesson for me as much as Hubert. I learnt exercises to do with Hubert and they were very easy. I now make kissing noises and Hubert walks on by himself. I thank Norm for his help and love taking my horse to events now knowing I will have no problems getting him home.

Z. Clarence – Float Loading Problem - Going from sitting in the float for 2 hours at a time and blackmailing him with food and apples we had no luck getting our horse onto the float. We tried pulling him in the float that was only worse. We tried being patient and introducing the float in his paddock by feeding him in there. That didn't work either. He pulled the food out to eat it in the paddock. Fortunately, we stumbled upon an advert in the paper and found Norm. He showed us in the matter of 1 to 2 hours how to get our pony Austin in the float in the kindest of ways without all the stress. He performed a miracle and taught us all to actually listen and understand Austin and that has been very helpful. We have no problems what so ever now, he goes in the float without a care in the world and it is not dangerous. 


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