Natural Horsemanship and Horse Training Made Easy:-

  • horse problems fixed

  • you and your horse will become competent and confident

  • build trust, respect and deepen the bond with your horse

Our holistic horsemanship approach is leading the way in the horse training industry for the body, mind and spirit of both horse and rider.

About Australia Horsemanship - natural horsemanship



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  Horse Training
  Natural Horsemanship

Turn your horse into a polite, cooperative and reliable partner who works with you.

  horse training | natural horsemanship

Learn to be competent and confident at handling and riding horses, naturally.

  riding lessonsWe have a simple system for you to learn read more...

 Muscle Therapy

Pain free treatment - relieve and repair your horse's muscles with this advanced light touch neuromusclar treatment

    Horse massage

Maximise your horse's Biomechanical Efficiency and it will seem like you have a new horse, he will love you!

    Emmett Technique

So many horses under perform because their movement is impeded by limb or other musculotendinous units (muscles and tendon tissue) that are not functioning correctly read more...

    Stress Free Trailer     and Float Loading

Have your horse walk on by itself, willingly and calmly, whilst you are relaxed and confident.

    Float Loading

But wait.... you will also be standing outside the float and laugh to yourself about how easy life can be.

    Float Loading

Meanwhile, others will be looking on enviously

  The Worlds Softest and   Kindest Horse Bits

These WTP horse bits are designed for control and performance for you and comfort for your horse

  WTP Bits

Find out why these bits are taking the horse bits industry by storm.

  wtp bits-horse bits

The WTP bit will change the way you think about and use horse bits read more...



   Here Is The Safest
   Horse Tie Up System

This will change the way you think about tying up your horse whether at the stable, outside or the float

      the clip

The Safe Clip will provide enormous flexibility and make life easy

   Horse Safe Clip

Also solves pulling back problems

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